Wednesday, March 14, 2007

House Hunting

We are making plans to move to another house in June. For quite a few different reasons, the apartment we're currently living in is no longer the best choice for us. Here's what we're praying for. If we were to find all of these things in one place, it will definitely be a miracle.

1. A good, strategic location. I'm planning on teaching once a week in our new outreach project, and since I don't drive, we need to be reasonably close to that. We would also like to be near some of our teammates.

2. Three bedrooms. Preferably with doors.

3. An area where the children can play.

4. First floor. One of the reasons we're moving is that every time we have anybody in our home the downstairs neighbors complain about the noise. Since hospitality is an important part of our ministry, this gets to be a problem.

5. Price. This is where it gets especially tricky. There are a lot of new apartment buildings being built downtown near our new center, but they are exceptionally expensive.

6. Little or no furnishings. One of the things that drive many of us crazy here is that unfurnished apartments are hard to find. Not only do landlords leave their furniture in rental housing, they leave their dishes, pots and pans, books, important papers, and even clothes. That leaves us trying to figure out where to store our own belongings.

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