Friday, March 23, 2007

Student Party

Our biggest outreach during any holiday season is the student party. University students who study in our courses are invited for a morning of food, fun and games.

Most of the student parties allow us to share our holiday traditions with students. This party, however, is different. The students get the opportunity to share their holiday traditions with us. They prepared skits to show how the four elements--water, fire, wind, and earth--overcome winter and establish spring. We also cracked boiled eggs, which is what Sean and the young man pictured above are doing. The person whose egg survives intact is the winner and is supposed to have good luck, similar to our custom of breaking a wishbone.

It wouldn't be outreach if we didn't include some spiritual content. Since eastern cultures love proverbs and sayings, one of our favorite "games" is handing out slips of paper with the best Proverbs in history. The students are divided into groups and compete to see which team can read, understand, and explain to one of our team members the most Proverbs before time runs out. Some of the Scripture vocabulary is difficult for them, so they frequently wave down one of us for a little help. Even Julie was kept busy explaining the meaning of words like "haughty".

Please pray for our University Team as we look for opportunities to follow up on any seeds that were planted.

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