Friday, May 11, 2007

Will Spring EVER Come???

Here it is, almost the middle of May, and warm weather is still wishful thinking. We've had a few days here and there that have been pleasant, but the weather is unpredictable and short sleeves are out of the question. Even the trees aren't able to predict the weather this year. Some are sprouting leaves while others look like January trees. I did finally put away our winter coats and gloves this week, but yesterday I began wondering if I had made a mistake.

Checking the extended forecast, hoping that warmth is ten days away or less, is becoming a stumbling block to my spiritual health. When I see that no changes are predicted, I start grumbling. When I look out the window and see nothing but clouds, I grumble. When the wind rips my clothes off of the line, I grumble. It has become a spiritual discipline to give thanks in everything. . .including the never-ending winter.

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