Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Please Don't Make Us Wait!"

The big event this month was Andy and Emerald's baptism. Everyone showed up at our apartment around 9 am and we headed to the beach. We were concerned about the weather, because it was windy and looked like rain. Concern turned into alarm when we arrived at the beach and saw some ugly-looking waves.

Randy and one of our co-workers walked to the edge of the water to assess the situation and decided that it was just to dangerous to attempt a baptism. We told Andy and Emerald that we would try again the next day.

Their response? "We're not afraid; please baptise us today!" Randy, who doesn't know how to swim, told them that he was afraid. However, he couldn't bring himself to refuse--Emerald was begging him to baptize her.

We prayed first for the wind and waves to calm down, then for safety. Randy baptized Andy first. Randy ended up every bit as soaked as Andy because of the huge waves. Then, Randy guided Andy in baptizing Emerald. Everyone made it out of the water safely, although Emerald did have some trouble getting back above water after being immersed.

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Jennifer said...

Wow! It is rare to see someone get so excited about being baptized...at least here in the states! That is so neat.