Friday, September 14, 2007

Various Updates

School is back in session! We just finished up our second week and so far everything is running smoothly. My days are jam-packed from early morning until late evening, but it's definitely worth it. Just today, I had the boys write an in-class essay on who they admire most and why. I did stipulate that although I know they admire Jesus, the assignment was to write about a fellow mortal. Kevin wrote a nice essay on Paul the Apostle. Sean's surprised me the most: he wrote about Kevin. Maybe they'll give me permission to post it sometime.

Julie is becoming quite a cook. We have "cooking class" most afternoons where we are preparing breakfast for the next morning. This week I was so exhausted that I had to lay down. I left Julie with a recipe for orange-cranberry muffins, and she did everything on her own except put them in the oven.

Local believers: We have three gathering this Sunday for worship, Andy and Emerald along with an unbaptized believer, N. Also, we will be going to Andy's home in a town about an hour from here for worship the next Sunday. Andy and Randy have been working together to prepare Andy to share the Word with his unbelieving mother and sister.

Legal issues: Things don't look very good as of this post. We did get the business registered, but at this point in time it can only support a small number of employees. Our humanitarian work has only the slimmest chances of remaining open. Randy is working on contingency plans, but it's almost certain that at least part of our team will lose their visas. Please continue to lift that up, and please let us hear from you. We need your prayers.

Neighbors: Our building has been almost a ghost town for the last month. Neighbors have begun returning over the past week since school starts here on the 15th. I met a new neighbor yesterday. Her name means Joy and she has a two month old baby girl. She told me that she has enjoyed watching our children play at our apartment building's playground.

Speaking of the playground, Hannah Grace had a close call yesterday. Safety and health standards haven't made it here, and the playground isn't especially safe. Broken glass, trash, razors, and mice are all part of the landscape. In addition to those things, the playground equipment is all metal and wood. I looked over while talking with a neighbor just in time to see Hannah Grace walk behind a moving swing. When I got to her, her head was just inches from being hit full force by the metal seat. She was physically unhurt, but a little traumatized by my yelling and grabbing her out of the way. It was one of those moments when your knees go weak and your heart nearly stops. I'm thankful for God's graciousness in sparing us a tragedy.

On a happier note, her vocabulary is quickly expanding. Some of her favorite words and phrases:

"burger, fay-fay (French fries), ketchup"
"I on't wike dat"
"Where's Daggy?"
"I want hold you Mommy" (Translation: "pick me up")
"I awake!"

She's also at that fun age where her dolls and stuffed animals are real. She imitates everything she sees her older siblings do. (It's really funny when she tries to do chin ups on the playground like Kevin and Sean.)

Randy is back to work after being slowed down with a cold last week. Along with trying to salvage our humanitarian office, he is doing his regular duties and teaching two classes at our new business.

That's about all for now. . .

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