Monday, October 29, 2007

Andy & Emerald

Those of you who receive Randy's weekly emails know that Andy & Emerald have been facing some difficulties lately. Emerald's parents had accused her and Andy of going off by themselves on Sundays and being promiscuous. After praying about the situation, Andy went to talk with Emerald's parents. He was able to share the Gospel with them and, although they did not respond favorably, they did withdraw their accusations.

Emerald is still not being allowed to leave home much. This is really not an unusual thing in this culture. A girl's purity is one of her most valuable assets going into marriage and parents guard it closely. Even though we highly approve that mindset, it means that I will have little or no opportunity to disciple Emerald until after her wedding more than a year from now. Please pray for this situation.

Andy had also been fighting some discouragement. He has been faithful to share his newfound faith, but without any response. Sunday Emerald sent a text message saying that Andy couldn't make it to our meeting that day, but that he will be there next Sunday with a new student. Praise the Lord with us for this opening!

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