Saturday, January 5, 2008

English as a Second Language

Living overseas, we often see and hear examples of poorly translated English. Recently, while Randy was preparing to leave for a conference, we looked at the website for the hotel where he will be staying. It was full of hilarious mistakes. Here are a few:

This hotel "is ready for entertain guests about unconditional guest hapinnes and intellect quality service."

"You make take your coffee in the cage of Green Garden of unique beauty or in the Cafe, which has the mystical motives of the. . .culture, and take pleasure of your holiday in various resting corners in our hotel’s garden."

"There is also a hair-dresser saloon both for ladies as well as for gentlemen in our SPA centre" Randy has promised not to visit the hair-dresser saloon!

They also mention "animation activities" (I have no idea what those might be) as well as "life music organisations" (live bands, maybe?).

Of course, being a language learner myself, I try not to laugh too hard at others' errors since I know that I've probably sounded just as ridiculous at times. Still, laughter is good medicine and one we enjoy taking once in a while.

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