Sunday, January 13, 2008

Food for Thought

Several years have gone by since I last read any of my books by A. W. Tozer. They have always been very challenging books for me and provide a lot to think over. So it caught my interest when I saw an article on a blog that mentions Tozer's rules for self-discovery. These are some simple ideas for self-examination that cut to the heart of whether our minds are set on the things above or on things below.

The one that was most convicting to me personally was "What do I think about most?" My thoughts tend to be consumed with practical things, like meals and laundry and homeschool, and all of the difficulties I have to overcome living here to accomplish the most basic tasks. Those are all things that I do have to think about, but too often I let those things crowd God out of my thinking. My prayer is that I will grow during this year to keep my mind set on Christ even when I'm busy keeping our family fed and clothed. I might even pull some of those books off the shelf and re-read them.

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