Friday, July 11, 2008

Sixteen Years Old

It's hard to believe, but it's true. Kevin turned sixteen on July 7th. Where has the time gone? Obviously, his party was just a little bit different from his little sister's birthday party.

Kevin and his friends working on some very unusual pizzas.

Randy and I took him out to a nice Chinese restaurant for his birthday. He wasn't quite sure about the waiter placing a napkin on his lap, but otherwise we all enjoyed the meal. The next day we had a pizza party and sleepover with some of his friends. Our original plan was to take advantage of having our own yard and have a scavenger hunt. The weather didn't cooperate--it was amazing chilly and windy for July along with some light rain--so we improvised a game tournament indoors.

The latest computer game from Granny and PawPaw

Was he ever this little?


Patricia said...

Happy Birthday, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL Kevin. You are such a blessing.

salbert9 said...

Happy birthday, Kevin! Gosh, I feel old!! :o)

Josh Stringer said...

Happy Bday Kevin! I hope your day was great!