Friday, September 12, 2008

Electronic Evangelism and Other Updates

Several of my friends have suggested from time to time that I ought to sign up for Facebook. For a long time I resisted, for a variety of reasons, but last week I finally gave in and created an account. In spite of the drawbacks, I have found one really good reason to use Facebook: Emerald. We have been in touch more during the past week than we have been over the past year. It seems crazy to me, living in the same city, but I'm glad to maintain any small connection that I can.

Please pray for Emerald. Since she turned away from Christ, she has been trying to fill the void in her life with Islam.

Other updates:
  • My head is healing. The lab reports came back this week, and the spot the surgeon removed was a basal cell cancer.
  • Randy also had a biopsy on a skin spot, which turned out to be a basal cell cancer.
  • Hannah Grace is also having some skin problems. We have been treating it as eczema, but it isn't responding to the medication.
  • In addition to the health issues, Randy's workload has increased.

On the positive side, home school is going well, even if it is exhausting work. The boys and I have made it through the first chapter and a half of chemistry. I have to admit, nothing from my high school chemistry class is coming back to me--that was only a couple of decades ago--so I'm having to study along with them. We'll see how things look in a few months. Chemistry wasn't my easiest subject.

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