Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Online Again

Our four week vacation turned into a seven week medical leave, but we are finally back in our house and Randy managed to get the internet up and running this morning.

We have a couple of immediate prayer needs. Right now, we have no running water in our house. That's no fun any time, but after a trans-Atlantic flight it's especially disheartening. Please pray that Randy and Kevin will be able to get our pipes thawed out today in spite of the wind and snow.

We also have some missing luggage. One contained almost all of Kevin's and Sean's clothes; Julie's shoes were in the other. All we have here for her are sandals, which aren't exactly appropriate for subfreezing temperatures. Please pray that the luggage will turn up quickly, and that the roads will be passable so that we can get the luggage from the airport to our house.

Thanks for remembering us!


jeni said...

Your visit was such a blessing to us!
We're praying that your luggage turns up and that things will begin to run smoothly for you.

The Phillips Family said...

We really enjoyed getting to visit with you. I'm glad we were able to do that! :) Hopefully your luggage will return to you safe and sound very soon!