Friday, January 16, 2009

My Littlest Scholar

We have a new student in our homeschool. Hannah Grace has been very faithful to sit in on nearly every class since we've started back after Christmas vacation. She has a Winnie the Pooh coloring book that she uses for "chemissy" and "quisses". Her favorite phrase now is, "It's my turn, ask me a queshun!" During the boys' history class, she used a Tigger book for her text and "answered" questions about the Middle Ages. It's been really cute, and everybody has been very patient with her participation.

Unfortunately, however, today she crossed the line. Julie was doing an art project, and she had all of her supplies set out on the kitchen table. When I called her for math class, she forgot to put things away. The disaster that I found only a few minutes later was incredible. Hannah Grace had poured out an entire large tube of glitter over a stencil and piece of paper. The glue stick was coated with a layer of glitter, as were several stamps. The ink pads for the stamps were relatively glitter-free, because they had been used to coat little fingers with ink. I noticed a bit of glitter on my lunch plate, and I'm sure we'll be seeing it for weeks--maybe even months.

The most pitiful thing is that our little artist was so proud of her creation and couldn't understand why art time was immediately canceled. She even told me that I'm not a good mommy anymore because I took away the glue! Then she cried because she wants to be "taller" so she can do her art project with glue.

All in all, she's had a disappointing day. Hopefully the weekend will be a little better. . .


Patricia said...

poor baby! (you and Hannah Grace, and probably Julie, too)

Do you need replacements for what was lost?

Kathy said...

No, we were able to salvage most everything. Since she was using a glue stick, most of the glitter didn't stick.