Friday, February 6, 2009

This past week was a very busy one for me. Our team ladies were honored with a visit from the wives of three of our regional leaders. We had a great time visiting, sharing meals, and enjoying a little time out and about the city.

Wednesday, a couple of the ladies and I shared a taxi for the ride home. The driver was friendly and had plenty of questions. When he found out that I actually live here, he began with the usual questions about whether we like it here and how long we plan to stay. I replied that we expect to be here two more years, and then we'll spend some time in the US before coming back. He said, "Oh, you shouldn't go back to the US. Things are pretty bad there, plus there's a new president and you never know what a new president might do. You need to try to stay here instead."

I suppose his comment means that he'll be voting "yes" in the upcoming referendum to abolish presidential term limits.

The need for better proofreaders. . .
I read the local language online paper for information, and the locally written English language online paper for entertainment. Here is an actual quote from a couple of weeks ago: "It is currently unclear whose residuals are absent in the grave." After reading the entire article multiple times, it seems that a memorial cemetery is being removed to make way for a new park. However, when the city began the process of exhuming the bodies, some were missing. The quote should read: "It is currently unclear whose remains are missing from the grave."


I wasn't really tempted to close the washer. . .honest. . .

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