Friday, September 18, 2009

More About Marriage

Marriage is so important to any culture, and it's one of the things I enjoy learning about as we live here. So many things are completely different from our way of viewing marriage, that it would probably take me years to learn all there is to know.

This morning a friend asked me to pray for her brother. For some time now he has been interested in marrying a particular girl. My friend and her brother are believers; the girl in question is not, but said that she would accept Christ when she came to live with their family. (I won't get off onto the subject of unequally yoked marriages here.) The girl's mother apparently found this out and has not only revoked the engagement, but is forcing the girl to marry someone else. My friend's house is in an uproar, and the girl is threatening to commit suicide.

Some months ago, we organized a marriage seminar for our coworkers. Although it was good material for all of us personally, our real goal was to equip ourselves to address the incredible need for Christ-honoring marriages and families among local believers. So far, we have had very little opportunity to present this material to our local brothers and sisters. Please pray that things will come into place: translation of the material, opportunities to work with individual couples, and openings to train leaders of local assemblies to help their congregations.

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