Friday, December 18, 2009

Making the Most of the Opportunity

Last week in our house church, we talked about how important it is to turn our local friends' interest in the celebration of Christmas into an opportunity to share the truths of Christmas: that Jesus came to earth, born of a virgin, fully man yet fully God; that He died in our place and rose from the dead; that He ascended to the Father and that He will come to earth a second time.

This year we hope to have at least two national friends share in our Christmas Eve celebration. One is a friend of a friend, a young man who is a semi-devout follower of Islam. The other is a young woman that I met this summer. She is in her last year of college and doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. She is in rebellion against her family and is very unhappy. Her goals are nearly impossible to reach because of choices she made early in college. She wants to know the secret of contentment, but only if she doesn't have to change anything in her life.

As you're making preparations to celebrate Christmas this year, don't forget to pray for these two young people as well as the millions of others who have never heard the Christmas story.

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Veronica said...

Are you talking about who I think you're talking about?

I hope it goes very well. :)