Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How Far Would You Travel to Church?

As we settle in at our new home, and as we learn our way around, finding a place of worship is one of the most important decisions we have to make. For those of us who grew up in the deep South, we usually have dozens of options within just a few miles from home. People look at their area churches and base their decision on factors ranging from theology to music style. It's possible to spend weeks--perhaps months--visiting prospective churches before settling on the right one.

Here, in this city of more than 14 million people, we have three options. One group that we have been visiting is a two hour trip across the water to the European side of the city. Bus ride, boat ride, train ride. We aren't sure if this is where we will settle, but it did get me thinking. How far am I willing to go, how much time am I willing to invest, how much inconvenience am I willing to tolerate, for the sake of worship with other believers?

Of course, our prayer is that the gospel will spread and communities of believers will sprout up all over the city! When you go to church this Sunday, many of you right in your own neighborhood, don't forget to pray for the millions of people who don't have any fellow believers in their area to gather with.

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