Thursday, May 17, 2012


Disruptions can provide all sorts of opportunities.  This past week I found myself locked out of the apartment.  I was in a hurry and simply forgot to pick up the house keys.  Sean, Julie, Hannah Grace and I all sat down in the corridor to make the best of it.  Hannah Grace kept us entertained for a while by trying to trick the motion sensor lights, seeing how far she could run before they turned on and then freezing when they did.

Finally, the elevator stopped on our floor and I was sure it would be Randy.  Instead, our next-door neighbor stepped off.  His wife opened the door to let him in, and they both spoke to us.  Then they seemed to realize our predicament and were very insistent that we wait in their apartment.

They both apologized for not having spoken much before that day; they had assumed we wouldn't be able to communicate.  Sitting and smiling at each other isn't always as easy as it sounds!  The wife brought out a box of chocolate and we all had a good laugh when the husband scolded her for only offering it to the guests and not to him also.  We looked at pictures of their grandchildren and listened to stories about their son who is a ship captain and all of the places he has sailed.

During the conversation, they mentioned that women gather in their home for religious meetings, to discuss the Koran.  Then the wife told me that my name had come up at the last meeting.  They felt badly for not having thought to invite me to their group.  I don't know how often they meet, but I wouldn't be surprised if I get an invitation next time.

What would you do?

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