Sunday, February 18, 2007

An Angel in Disguise?

On our return trip to Central Asia, we were delayed due to bad weather. The delays caused us to miss our connection in London. We spent the night in a nearby hotel, courtesy of British Air, and returned to Heathrow first thing the next morning to catch another flight. After standing in one slow line to get our tickets, we were then sent to the check-in line. A young Muslim woman in traditional Sunni dress was checking tickets as passengers took their places at the end of the incredibly long line. Hannah Grace was starting to get fussy and I was really dreading having to stand in line for thirty or forty minutes or more with a crying baby. This young woman took one look at the baby and took us to the front of the line. Of course, we thanked her profusely, and as we chatted for a moment I noticed her nametag. Her last name was one I recognized because it is common in many eastern languages. It means, "angel". I feel sure she was a flesh-and-blood human being, but she certainly lightened our load that day. We were very thankful that God chose to put this particular "angel" in our path.


holtalisha said...

Great Blog, Kathy!
I'm so excited you've set up this blog and look forward to reading your side of your adventures! And, I really am looking forward to seeing the pictures! We really miss you!
Alisha, Dave & Eli

Patricia said...

"all things work together for good" - even crying babies!


Reba said...

Dear Kathy, So glad y'all made it home safely, and so happy ya'll met an Angel on the way.

Love, Great-Granny Gainey