Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sean!

We finally celebrated the big day, one week late. Sean officially became a teenager on the 16th, the same day that the doctor sent Randy home with a mild case of pneumonia. Since Hannah Grace was also sick, I decided it would be best to postpone the party.

Sean decided to have an Atari tournament with his friends. It was quite funny for me to see these boys having a great time with such outdated games--things that were cutting edge technology 30 years ago.

Even Hannah Grace enjoyed the party, once she realized that there were M&M's in the trail mix! She's already a serious chocoholic.


Patricia said...

Happy Birthday, Sean!!
Kevin, did they finally let you have some trail mix?
Hannah Grace, your hair has grown so much.
Julie, did they let you play?

Reba said...

Hello Sean, How does it feel to be a teenager? It looks like you had a good party, even though little sister ate the M&M's.

Love you all, Great-Granny Gainey