Friday, June 15, 2007

Housing Update

We are in the middle of packing up our things and moving to a temporary location. In some ways this is a big disappointment--moving is never fun and the prospect of moving twice is even less fun.

Our temporary home will still be quite a distance from Compass, our new business. However, it is closer to public transportation so the children and I should be able to get out some. The apartment building also has a large playground and is close to several good, inexpensive Turkish restaurants. Since we are moving in as our coworkers move out, they were able to introduce us to several neighbors. Our coworkers have never had complaints from neighbors when they invite guests, so that is another huge benefit for us--especially since Kevin's birthday is coming up soon. I was really dreading having the neighbors come up and yell at us for having a birthday party.

Please pray that we will settle in quickly and easily, and that we will recognize God's guidance in looking for a permanent home.

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