Friday, June 15, 2007

Urgent Request for Allen

Those of you on our mailing list should have already received this, but I wanted to post it here also.

We have written frequently about our good friend, Allen, and his family over the past four years. Yesterday he asked us to please pray for his mother. She will be having surgery this Tuesday (Monday night in the US). The doctors think she may have cancer, plus there is fluid build-up around her heart.
Allen told us that his mother had a vision of Jesus and went to the Russian Orthodox Church to light a candle. When I told Allen that we would pray both for her physical healing and that she would understand why she had seen a vision of Jesus he was very insistent that it only meant that she should light a candle, that every religious place is "the house of god (allah)". When we tried to pursue the conversation further he changed the subject.
Needless to say, we are very distressed for his mother's situation and extremely discouraged about their spiritual condition. Please be lifting them up, especially Monday evening.

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