Saturday, March 8, 2008

Staying Busy

I wasn't able to post anything last week because there just wasn't time to stop and write. Here are a few highlights from the last few weeks along with prayer requests:

Last Wednesday I took the children to our English center and showed the young women how to make authentic American style pizza. They learned some important techniques, including cooking the meat before putting it on the pizza and using seasonings in the sauce rather than spreading ketchup on the pizza dough. We had a fun afternoon and the pizzas turned out great.

The previous Wednesday I had to skip my usual afternoon at the English center because of a visit from our company's member care department. There have been some changes in the structure, and this was a "get to know you" visit from our new representative.

We also had a week of business training seminars assisted by a group of four volunteers from the US. Randy has been involved in those meetings most of the week, and we both attended a banquet for the participants last night. We enjoyed sitting across from a young engaged couple who are both believers. My biggest disappointment was that the couple that I most wanted to spend some time with were unable to attend. They are not believers, but are very open and interested. Please pray that we can get together with this family in the near future.

It's the holiday season here. Today is 8 March, Women's Day. It's a little like Mother's Day, but honoring all females young and old.

The big holiday, though, is the Persian New Year. The season officially began on the last Tuesday of February, with children ringing doorbells and leaving their hats at the doors. People put candy, nuts, fruit, pastries and/or coins in the hats. Everybody is busy cooking baklava, boiling eggs and making decorative trays of wheat sprouts. I'll write more later about some of the superstitions surrounding the holiday.

Andy & Emerald update
My main goal right now is to keep in contact with Andy and Emerald. I sent her a text message congratulating her on Women's Day and she called back immediately. We had a nice, friendly conversation--no strain or tension. Our biggest hurdle is Andy's job. He works seven days a week until 7 PM, and he doesn't allow Emerald to go anywhere except school without him. Now that the weather is improving and the days are getting longer, I hope to invite them over for a late dinner after he gets off work one evening. Please continue to pray for open doors, and that they will turn back to Christ.

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