Saturday, March 15, 2008

Week of Fire

Last Tuesday was the third week before the Persian New Year, the night when people set bonfires and jump over them--after they've died down a little. There will be more fires on the 20th and 21st, when spring officially begins. This photo is of the courtyard for our apartment building.
There is a lot of superstition and fortune telling that goes on during this time of year. One of the most popular methods is to hide near their neighbor's door and eavesdrop. The first thing that they hear foretells their luck for the year.
Ironically enough, we had a minor fire in our apartment this week. Randy and I both woke up during the middle of the night because of a loud noise. A few minutes later we smelled smoke and discovered that our hot water heater was burning. We were very thankful that God protected us, and that we were able to get the problem fixed easily.

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