Friday, May 9, 2008

A Great Visit

Several months ago Julie wrote a pitiful email to my parents asking if they could come see us here. Everything worked out and they were able to spend two weeks with us. We all had a good time and were sorry to see them go.

While they were here we invited Allen and his mother for dinner.

We also spent an evening at our English Center. The students always enjoy having visitors from the United States. They're interested in hearing about the different areas of the US, jobs, lifestyle, families, economy and politics.

If you're interested in a one or two week trip, we're always thrilled to have volunteers come in and help out at our center. There are no special skills required other than the ability to speak English, and a desire to share the love of Christ.

If you receive Randy's weekly emails, you know that he is dealing with some medical problems. He'll be traveling to a nearby country to see a specialist in a couple of weeks. Please pray that he will get a clear diagnosis and a good treatment plan. Don't forget to pray for the children and me also during the time that we're on our own here.

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