Thursday, August 28, 2008

We're Back

Thanks to a new afternoon flight, we're feeling well-rested after our trip back home yesterday. In the past, we've had to catch our flight during the middle of the night, so this was a nice change of pace.
Here's a summary of our time away:

Talent Show

We had a week of meetings with coworkers, with fun during the evenings. The last night both Sean and Julie participated in the talent show. I knew that Sean was talented on the guitar, but hadn't realized how much so until several people who know a lot about guitar explained that it takes a great deal of skill to do what he does. Julie sang, and when she finished the MC walked up and said, "What are you, a miniature 25-year-old?"

Scalped. . .

We took advantage of the available health care and scheduled several needed checkups. We still aren't sure if Hannah Grace has eczema or psoriasis, but we're farther along toward a diagnosis than we have been. Randy had a biopsy taken from a spot on his arm, which we should hear about in a week or so. I saw a doctor about a sore that I've had on my scalp for a long time now. The doctor's English was great, until he began explaining the procedure he would need to perform. He said, "You know, it's like. . .it's like. . .uh, what the Indians used to do to people!" Having lived overseas more than a decade, I just laughed. As it turns out, he was partially accurate. He removed a small patch of skin and put in eight stitches, which is a far sight better than the skin graft he warned could be necessary. Still, I have far more insight than I could ever want into just how awful the practice of scalping must have been.


A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Patricia said...

It makes me feel so good when people see what wonderful grandchildren I have!!!!