Friday, March 20, 2009

Good News!

For those of you not on facebook, where I've been posting frequent updates, Sean has finished his medical testing here in Istanbul and we are getting ready to head home Sunday morning.

The final diagnosis is reactive hypoglycemia, which means that he does not have diabetes. He does have to eat frequently and continue to monitor his blood sugar for a while, especially before bed. The doctor feels sure that Sean will outgrow this in time.

Everybody back at our house seems to be managing well in our absence. We've been able to talk on skype everyday, which is a big help for us all. Hannah Grace is convinced we're in Turkey for the express purpose of looking at animals. There is a house with peacocks near where we're staying, and I told her about seeing them along with some fish we saw at a nearby mall. She doesn't quite understand why we left her home just to go see peacocks, but she's taking it in stride.

Thank you for all of your prayers for our family over the past two weeks.

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