Saturday, June 19, 2010

Six Month Summary

Here are a few highlights from the last six months:

Sean turned 16 on February 16th!

He wrote his own mystery party, which turned out to be a success, although neither of the teams were able to solve the mystery.

It snowed--a lot.

It's a good thing her aim isn't great. . .
Snow days for us usually also mean no electricity and running water. We enjoyed one evening of pretending it was the 18th century, but one evening is generally all we need.

Kevin and Sean took the SAT and are gearing up for their senior year, graduation, and college.They both scored very well and are praying about where to attend in the fall of 2011.

Kevin, Sean and Julie participated in a school play.Photos still to come. . .

We had two great volunteer teams: Maysville and Bethel.These groups conducted conversation clubs with our English students. There were some great discussions and the opportunity to share some Scripture.

Hosting students in our home. . .

Our goal has been to invite Randy's students over for conversation, games, and refreshments at least once during every course. A few of the students have come once, but a couple of them have attended every time we've had an open house.

A special thanks to the group from Bethel for the Funglish game that the students have enjoyed playing!

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history145 said...

Looks like you have a very creative son...