Friday, August 6, 2010

Community Project in the Village

During the month of August, our team is overseeing a project to improve the only road leading to a village of refugees about two hours outside of the city. We became aware of the need through our teammate's barber, whose family is from this village.

Our team has had to navigate through sticky issue of making sure that the funds we provide don't end up in some official's pocket.

Randy and our coworker have made several day trips to check on the work and to visit with the community elders. Randy has learned to take his own water bottle, since the only things they're ever offered to drink are home-brewed vodka and water from questionable sources!

One one of these trips Randy had the opportunity to talk with the barber, Joseph. The road leading out of our city goes past a prominent holy site of folk Islam, and Joseph asked if he could stop there. People often go to this place to pray and give an offering in the hopes of gaining some extra merit with their god, or of gaining some favor, such as a job or healing from illness. As Joseph talked about what he believes, Randy was able to share the gospel. It was apparently his first exposure to the gospel, and what little bit Randy told him was more than he could take in all at once. Please pray for him as Randy is looking for an opportunity to give him a Scripture portion that highlights the life of the prophets and of Jesus.

Please pray especially for efforts at Scripture distribution in general. The Scripture portion that Randy hopes to give to Joseph is a new printing that is designed for those who have had no exposure to the gospel. Please ask that this printing of several thousand books would quickly and effectively pass from storage in our homes to the homes--and hearts--of unbelievers.

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